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Find the perfect courses using course search

The course search page allows you to find the perfect course in two ways. First, you can search by using a key word such as "photography" in the keyword search. If you have an idea of when you would like to take the course, you can also add start and/or ending dates to your search for a more targeted result. The second way you can find a course is to browse through courses offered in a subject area. Just click on the subject that you find interest in, and more information about the course offereings in that area will be displayed.

Once you have searched for courses or clicked on a course subject area, a listing of all available courses that match your request will appear here. Clicking on an individual course here will allow you to see all of the details related to the selected course.

This is the view for an individual course. This view allows you to see the description of the course, and all of the times and locations that this course is offered. Pick the course offering, or section, of the course that you prefer based on the time and locations listed by clicking the ADD button to the right of each offering.

Once you have chosen to add at least one course to your bookbag, the bookbag icon appears on the course search pages. Clicking on this icon allows you to see the contents of your bookbag. Clicking on the icon again, while the bookbag contents are visible, allows you to hide the bookbag contents from view.

Clicking on the bookbag icon allows you to see all of the courses that you have added to your bookbag. This view also shows the total tuition and fees for your selected courses.

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